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PU 1991 Sweaters Inventory

as of 11/21/2020

These are the Hillflint black sweaters with the orange "1991" 


Small:  16 crew neck, 0 v-neck

Medium: 18 crew, 0 v-neck

Large: 14 crew, 3 v-neck

XL: 2 crew,  0 v-neck

XXL: 2 crew, 8 v-neck

XXXL: 19 crew, 0 v-neck


Cost: $62


How do I get one?  - Send an email to Jonathan Peele (jmpeele@gmail.com) with "PU 1991 Sweater" in the subject line.  Let him know what size (S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL) and style (crew, v-neck) you will need.  Please include your mailing address.  We are limiting purchases to one sweater per classmate so that many classmates will have an opportunity to purchase one. We are only mailing sweaters within the US.  If you are outside the US, please send it to someone in the US and have that person mail it to you. 


Once Jonathan receives your request, he will let you know if we still have it in inventory and will direct you how to pay for it.  Once your payment has been received, the sweater will be mailed out.