Officers as of July 1, 2016


President Vice President Secretary

Cletus Dalglish-Schommer

131 and 1/2 N. Kings Rd. 

Los Angeles, CA 90048
C: (310) 990-9250

Jonathan M. Peele

221 S. Harrison St
Princeton, NJ 08540

H: (609) 921-1929

C: (609) 462-1556

Victoria McElhaney Benedict
860 Wellesley Drive, N.W.
Atlanta, GA 30305
H: (404) 355-1160



Treasurer Class Agent Reunions Co-Chairs

Doug Mallach

116 Rumson Road

Rumson, NJ 07760

H: (732) 936-1617

W: (212) 294-8528

M: (732) 996-5284


Marilyn White Lawrence

1088 Park Avenue

New York, NY 10128

H: (212) 426-4283




Satana Deberry

3111 Courtney Creek Blvd

Durham, NC 27713

H: (919) 824-5765


Jeannine E. Hogg, MD

2222 Brewers Landing

Memphis, TN 38104

C: (773) 519-4839



Outgoing Officers


President Vice Presidents Secretary

Sean D. Osborne
129 Red Acre Road
Stow, MA 01775

W: 781-890-3980

H: 978-897-2648  


Robin Farley

8 Kinterra Road 
Wayne, PA  19087

W: 212-713-2060

H: 484-380-3116

Gerardo (Gerry) Alvarez
1854 E. Villa Street

Pasadena, CA 91107
W: 213-922-2567

H: 626-584-7097



Treasurer Class Co-Agents Reunions Co-Chairs

Marjorie Adams
253 West 73rd Street, 8C

New York, NY 10023

Steven Anderson

418 Saint David's, PA 19087

H: 610-225-0986

W: 610-687-8400


Marilyn White Lawrence

1088 Park Avenue

New York, NY 10128

H: 212-426-4283




Nancy Collins Schumacher 

Talbot Logan
11 Riverside Drive, Apt. 14CW
New York, NY 10023
H: 212-769-9400
M: 917-362-1391


Community Service Chair - a position currently not held, but we'd be interested in having someone organize a class community service effort.


Class officers are typically elected/volunteer for a 5-year term. If you are interested in serving as a class officer, please call the current officer to find out more about the responsibilities of the job and to express your interest. At our 20th Reunion, we will elect officers for the next 5 years. The ranks are open to anyone interested. If you don't want the responsibility of an officer position but would like to contribute some time or ideas, please call any of the officers and get involved. There are always things that interested volunteers can do.


The following is a very brief description of each position:

President - deals with class administrative issues and any new class initiatives.

Vice-President - organizes regional VPs and events, manages website, other responsibilities.

Secretary - writes PAW and website columns of class news.

Treasurer - collects and processes dues, maintains class bank account.

Class Agent - deals with Annual Giving efforts for the class.

Reunions Co-Chairs - self-explanatory, lots of planning and organizing people.