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Thank you for paying for your Class Dues and for donating to the Class of 1991 Scholarship Fund.

Class Dues pay for Princeton Alumni Weekly subscriptions, mailings, community service projects and social events around the country. When you’re paying dues, please also think about contributing to the of 1991 Scholarship Fund. The scholarship fund donates money to current Princeton students to pursue specific academic projects. Students appreciate the chance to expand their research work beyond campus. For Dues and the Class of 1991 Scholarship Fund, we’re a big group so any and all amounts make a difference.


To pay your dues for the current fiscal year (July 1, 2016 to June 30, 2017), please click here: Pay My Dues


All donations and dues are tax deductible


Paid Dues, Fiscal Year 7/1/2016 - 6/30/2017

List updated as of February 20, 2017

Ms. Marjorie I. Adams
Mr. Cole R. Bader
Ms. Caroline M. Beam
Laurence H. Beck Jr., M.D., Ph.D.
Mrs. Victoria McElhaney Benedict
Miss Alina C. Blair
Ms. Carolyn Hixson Bloom
Mr. David Peter Bloom
Dr. Ann Kathryn Boulis
Clay C. Brooker, Esq.
Ms. Alison N. Brower
Ms. Kelly Sather Browne
Ms. Sharon L. Budney
Mrs. Emily Wilson Burns
Mr. Mark D. Busse
Dr. Michael N. Cantor
Mrs. Meaghan Dowling Chorske
Mr. Christopher D. Ciatto
Mr. David S. Clapp
Mr. Harold S. Colton-Max
Dr. Paul B. Conrad
Mrs. Jennifer Service Crystal
Mr. Sanford F. Crystal
Mr. David M. Cunningham
Miss Janina M. de Guzman
Mr. Aditya S. Dehejia
Mr. Kent A. Dickey
Mr. Richard S. duPont
Mr. Robert C. Eidson
Mr. George S. Elias
Mr. Thomas B. Ellis
Ms. Jennifer L. English
Ms. Mary W. Foulk
Mr. W. Todd Fredrick
Mr. Daniel R. Fuchs
Mr. Joseph Charles Gawronski
Ms. Heather K. Gerken
Mrs. Katharine Carlin Giller
Dr. Marin N. Gjaja
Mr. Sean T. Gorman
Michael E. Grenert, Esq.
Mr. David S. Haddock, II
Mr. Karl L. Happe
Ms. Mellody Hobson
Mr. W. Troy Hottenstein
Weidong Huang, Ph.D.
Susannah K. Hughes, Ph.D.
Dr. Steven J. Isakoff
Ms. Cressey Belden Janko
Ms. Virginia M. Johnson
Ms. Rachel S. Kadish
Mr. Eric K. Karplus
James J. Killerlane, III, Esq.
Sarah D. Klagsbrun, M.D.
David K. Koehler
Mr. Charles Theodore Koehn
Samuel M. Lam, M.D., F.A.C.S.
Ms. Marilyn White Lawrence
Kevin C. Leong, Ph.D.
Dr. Eric K. Lin
Mr. Joseph W. Macaione
Mrs. Meghan Thumm Mackey
Mr. Douglas J. Mallach
Arthur O. Mateos, Ph.D.
Mrs. Grace Chang Mateos
Mr. Afzal Mazhar
Mrs. Susan Heuisler McCabe
Dr. Thomas A. McCabe
Mr. David A. McGranahan
Mr. Andrew H. Miller
Mr. Christian S. Moore
Mr. Eric W. Muhlheim
Mrs. Kimberly A. Newsome
Ms. Yvonne S. Ng
Mr. Robert E. O'Connor, III
Mr. James T. Obsitnik
Andrew Watson Orion, Esq.
Peter R. Orszag, Ph.D.
Dr. Christine Palmer
K. Gage Parr, M.D.
Mr. Jonathan M. Peele
Dr. David S. Pertsemlidis
Mr. Brent R. Peus
Ms. Elizabeth Lane Peus
Christina Greweldinger Propst, M.D.
Mr. Tristan E. Propst
Mr. Christopher L. Ray
Ms. Beth Bruce Stover Ricciardi
Mr. Jason A. Ritter
Ms. Audrey A. Robinson-Seurig
Mr. Carlos H. Romero, III
Mr. Paul L. Ruehl
Ms. Margaret Heflin Sabbag
Mr. David A. Sakowitz
Jason A. Salganick, M.D.
Mr. Mark D. Salsbury
Dr. Angie Rhett Sassard
Mr. Steven R. Schoellhorn
Ms. Julie B. Sheridan
Ms. Amy Shipley
Mr. Stephen P. Shuford
Mr. John T. Siegel, Jr.
Mr. David J. Simon
Lawrence W. Solomon, M.D.
J. Michael Straughn, Jr., M.D.
Mr. Paul M. Swigart
Dr. Barbara Wells Trautner
Ms. Karin Siegfried Treadwell
Anton S. Treuer, Ph.D.
Mr. Peter M. Ullman
Mr. William D. Urban
Mr. Ernest J. van Panhuys
The Rev. Noah A. Waldman
Dr. Morgan S. Waters
Mr. Robert D. White, III
Mr. Gregory L. Wilson
Mr. Andrew S. Winston
Christopher S. Wiseman, USN
Mr. David P. Wright
Mr. Douglas C. Wyatt
Rabbi Josh D. Zweiback