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The Class of 1991 Foundation was established in 1999 to fund senior thesis research and independent work, as well as community service summer internships, for undergraduates in good standing. Thesis research can take place during the summer or the academic year. Awards are limited to amounts up to $1000 and are based on the applications received and the number and amounts of awards distributed in a given year. Award recipients are asked to provide a brief update upon completion of the proposed project or internship.



The Fund is intended to be the class' permanent and recurring contribution to Princeton’s legacy. The Fund will allow the Class of 1991 to be involved in undergraduate activities, have an impact on research that is taking place and/or enable a student to contribute to a socially beneficial project. Grants will go to a variety of students working in different areas and is not intended to support any one viewpoint or cause.



If you would like to be part of the ’91 Foundation decision process (i.e., read applications for an hour, once per year), please email Cletus Dalglish-Schommer at cletusjames@gmail.com.




Application and Selection Process:

Deadline: April 14 (application must be received, not postmarked, by deadline).We cannot accept email applications. Application forms are downloadable via the link below. We cannot grant deadline extensions or accept email applications. Thank you for your understanding.





                              Download 1991 Foundation Application




Previous Grants Given by the Class of 1991 Foundation:




Harry Lord '20

Harry spent his summer internship working in the UK with CLIP, an organization dedicated to accelerating the transition to sustainable infrastructure in urban and rural areas, including projects in Senegal and Morocco. 


David Friedman '20

David interned with the United Nations, specifically focusing on grass-roots humanitarian efforts to foster an understanding of the role of both secular and religious community service work.  This included hands-on work with the New York City chapter of Sant’Egidio in its outreach programs to marginalized and at risk communities.




Eric Qiu ’18

Engineers without Borders, working on water infrastructure in the Dominican Republic


Daniel Shepard ’19

Philosophy Major, working on water quality with an environmental group in Wisconsin.



2007-2016 section to be updated shortly


March 2006

Camille Norana Coates '07

Woodrow Wilson School of Public and International Affairs major from Hawaii, volunteering with children orphaned by AIDS and HIV in South Africa while doing senior thesis research on factors that prevent these orphans from enrolling in primary school in order to develop policies to address the problem.


December 2005

Paul Chin '06 - Sociology major. School Advantage-- How Schools Can Increase Parental Participation in Education: A Study of Two Public Schools in Newark, NJ. Studying two schools in Newark, one that performs well on statewide exams and one that does not, trying to find out what schools can do to encourage participation with an eye toward making public policy proposals that will help schools in this effort.


March 2005

Joshua Williams '07 - Comp Lit major who learned Swahili at Princeton - to videotape community-based theatre for AIDS education in urban and rural Kenya


December 2004

Marc Grinberg '05 - Politics major - funding to research Historical Archives of the European Union, kept in Florence, to research the effect of ideas in foreign policy and international relations for thesis


March 2004

Suneel Bhat ’06 – ecology and evolutionary biology major – ethnographic health survey and development study of the Kumbri Marati, an impoverished tribal group in Bangane India


March 31, 2003

Jenitta Kwong ’04 ecology and evolutionary biology major from New Jersey

Studying Zebra finches and responsivity to environmental cues – princeton summer housing, buying finches


Dec 1, 2002 - split the grant

Sarah Mathew ’03 ecology and evolutionary biology major from India

Evolutionary basis of human warfare, winter break observing baboons in Amboseli

John Matsui ’04 History from California

All year long primary research traveling the US researching the Civil War and Republicans in 1862


Dec 1, 2001

Meredith Root-Bernstein ’04 - Biolinguistics

Volunteer research assistant for Dr. Dawkin’s Group at Oxford studying Animal Communication


March 31, 2001

Kelli Christine Rudolph ‘02

Aestiva Romae Latinitatis – learning Latin in Rome for summer


March 31 2000

Adam Sorenson ’01 from Iowa

Financial assistance to do lab work in Princeton over summer 2000


Oct 31 1999

Alice Hsu ‘00 studying monkeys in Africa